Thursday, 8 August 2019

School Teacher Funny Jokes

1.Techer Tell me the definition of home.
 Titu: Homes that are freshly built are called "houses" ...
 Homes that have home-offerings are called "homes".
 The houses where the wind blows more are called * "Haveli" * ...
 The houses that have ears to the walls are called "houses" ...
 The houses where a man lays down while filling up loan installments are called "flats".
 And the houses which do not even know who lives in the next house are called "Bungalows"

*** Tito was elected student of the year... 

2 .Techer "Why shouldn't you fight in class ..?"
 Sanju: - "Because I do not know when to sit behind the exam ....! 

Class Room funny Jokes

1.Teacher: I will give 2 sentences to tell you the difference
 1. He washed the dishes
 2. He had to wash the dishes
 Sanju: In the first sentence the doer is unmarried and in the second sentence the doer is married.  The teacher is still unconscious

 2. TeacherWhy don't you concentrate in reading?
 Student: Because studying is done for only two reasons… ..
 First reason: fear
 Second reason: toilets
 And, without reason, we do not keep ourselves shy and not afraid of anyone's father..

Students funny Jokes

1.Master Ji: If there is LAVA inside the Earth, then what is outside?
 Sanju: Master Ji is out OPPO and VIVO

2.Teacher (from student): Tell me what is the benefit of the semester system?
 Student: I do not know the benefits, but dishonesty happens twice a year. 

Husband's And Wife funny Jokes

A man wrote a letter to his wife.  .  .  .  This month's Salary was not found, I am sending 100 Kiss for money!  I LOVE YOU A few days ago the wife's letter arrived.  .  Your letter was received, 100 kisses received for Salary!  16 Kiss given to the vegetable 29 Kiss If the milk principal did not agree with the 7 Kiss given to the school principal, he had to give 12 Kiss!  If the landlord did not agree with the KISS, he had to give a hug with a kiss, the month passed comfortably.. 

Class Room Jokes In Hindi

शिक्षक ने छात्रों को कक्षा में छात्रों द्वारा उपयोग किए जाने वाले सबसे सामान्य शब्द को बताने के लिए कहा।
 अचानक एक छात्र उठा और बोला "नहीं हो सकता सर"!
 प्रतिभाशाली!  आप सही कह रहे हैं, शिक्षक ने कहा..!

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Husband And Wife Jokes

           Husband And Wife Jokes

  • Wife: Who among us is beautiful?
  •  Husband: I
  •  Wife: How?
  •  Husband: why do you go to a beauty parlor ....
  •  He thank God that husbands are often beautiful,
  •  Otherwise it would be very difficult for two or two people to go to the beauty parlor. 

Monday, 5 August 2019