Friendship Day SMS, Text Messages For Friendship Day

After Happy Friendship Day Status in EnglishHappy Friendship Day Status in Hindi and Happy Friendship Day Funny Jokes. Today We are going to Share Happy Friendship Day SMS. Share these best friendship day SMS with your friends.

Friendship Day SMS

What Is A Friend?
She Looks Out 4 U, Inspires U,
Laughs With U, Cries With U,
Understands U, Guides U And
Walks With U. That’s What A Friend Is U.


,.+””-., ,.-“”+,
#( –-)(-– )#

Keep This Locket Safe As It
Contains Our Photo.
Proof Of Our Friendship

Friendship Day SMS

It’s Friendship Day, And I’m Sending
You A Big Hug To Wish You A Great
Day, Memories Of You Fill My
Mind Like Thousands Of Bright
Stars In The Sky, Miss You My Friend!

Girlfriend Is Hot Water,
Lover Is Mineral Water,
Wife Is Corporation Water,
Relationship Is Kaveri Water,
But “Friendship” Is Pure Rain Water!


Trin Trin
Paper Paper
“Friendship Day Sms”
Head Lines :
Happy Friendship Day

Promise Me We Are True Friends
I Am Lamp You Are Light
I Am Coke You Are Sprite
I Am Sawan You Are Badal
I Am Normal You Are Pagal
I Am Water You Are Tanki
I Am Tarzan You Are Monkey
Happy Friendship Day

A Coin Is Easy To Earn, A Friend Is Hard To Find.
The Coin Depreciates But A Friend Appreciates.
I Lost A Coin When I SMSed U, But It’s Okay Because I Got U.

Today Is Friendship Day Before I Wish You
Happy Friendship Day I Just Want To Say
Sorry For Whenever I Hurt You, I Am
Sure I Didn’t Mean It, Remember
No Matter Where You Are Or In What
Condition, I’ll Always Be There For You!

A Friend Is A Push When You Have Stopped,
A Chat When U R Lonely, A Guide When U R Searching,
A Smile When U R Sad, A Song When U R Glad.

Friendship Isn’t Abt Becoming
Somebody’s Perfect Best Friend
Its All Abt Finding Someone Who
Helps You Become The Best Person
You Can Be Happy Friendship Day.

Being A Friend Is Not Just Sharing
A Joke, A Conversation, A Cup Of
Coffee Or A Funny Story it Means
Sharing An Honest N True Part
Of Your Self Happy Friendship Day.

@@, ,@@
@. Day .@
Pass This ‘Heart’ To All
Ur Friends, Including Me.
If 3 Come Back, U’ll Get
A Big Surprise On Friendship Day

True Friends Are Like Diamonds…Hey, Are Real & Rare.
False Friends R Like Leaves…They R Scattered Everywhere.
Happy Friendship Day

Some Friends Are Remembered Because
Of Their Smile. Some Friends Are
Remembered Because Of Their Style But
You Are Remembered Because Your So
Nice To Remember Happy Friendship Day

Every Life In This World Is Written By God’s Own Hands,
That’s Why I Am Thankful To God,
Because He Wrote My Life & Included You As A
Beautiful Friend Like An Angel Part Of My Life..!


Friendship Is A Collection Of
Hearts, Ready 2 Give, Share And
Understand. It Never Fades &
Never Ends. It Only Reminds Us
That Life Is, Not Perfect Without
A Friend. Happy Friendship Day

Everyone Can Speak Sweet Word,
Everyone Can Buy Sweet Chocolate,
Everyone Can Smell Sweet Rose,
But No One Can Have Sweet Person
Like You Happy Friendship Day Dear.

You Have Always Been There For Me, The
Wonderful Moment We Have Spent Together,
Sharing Each Others Joys And Sorrows
Thanks For Spreading Smiles Everywhere
& Making My Life So Beautiful, Meaningful
And Happy.. Wish You Happy Friendship Day.

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Some Friendships Are Like Tom And Jerry.
They Tease Each Other;
Knock Down Each Other;
Irritate Each Other;
But Can’t Live Without Each Other!

God Is So Wise That He Never Created Friends With Price tags,
Because….. If He Did, I Can’t Afford A Precious Friend Like You!

When Your World Seems All Empty, You Are Left
All Alone And You Have No One To Reach Out
To, Just Remember One Thing That No Matter
Wherever You Are, One Person Will Always Be
There For You, And That Person Is Your Friend
Who Will Never Leave You, Happy Friendship Day.

Friends Are Like Mornings, You Can’t
Have Them The Whole Day, But You
Can Be Sure They’ll Be There
When You Wake You, Tomorrow, Next
Week, Next Year Happy Friendship Day.

The Recipe Of Friendship:
1 Cup Of Sharing.. 2 Cups
Of Caring.. 3 Cups Of Forgiveness
& Hugs.. Mix All These
Together To Make Friends 4 Ever..
Happy Friendship Day SMS.

Whenever I M Sad U Stand With Me,
Whenever I M In A Trouble U Stand
With Me, I Don’t Afraid To Face
Problems, Because I Know, Whenever
I M In A Problem U Stand With
Me, My Friend Happy Friendship Day.

If U Need Advice, Text Me,
If U Need A Friend, Call Me,
If U Need Me, Come To Me,
If U Need Money,
The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached!

Friendship Is Not About Finding
Similarities, It Is About Respecting
Differences. You Are Not My Friend
Coz You Are Like Me, But Because
I Accept You And Respect You The
Way You Are Happy Friendship Day.

I Find It Difficult To Find Apt Words
To Describe You, You Know
How Much You Mean
To Me. Thank You For Being
With Me Throughout My Life.
Wishing You Happy Friendship Day.

How Long Shall V B Friends? Do
You Want A Clue? As Long As
Stars Twinkle In The Sky, Till
The Water Runs Dry & Till The
Day I Die. We Will Be Friend.
Happy Friendship Day SMS

Some Friends Are Remembered Because Of Their Smile.
Some Friends Are Remembered Because Of Their Style.
But U Are Remembered Because U R So Nice To Remember. Take Care.

If It Weren’t For Friends, Most
Of Us Would Have Succumbed To
Pressures Of Family And Life,
Happy Friendship Day To All The
People Who Are Friends To Someone!

Thank You For Touching My Life In Ways U May Never Know.
My Riches Do Not Lie In Material Wealth But In Having Friends Like U – A Precious Gift From God!

Dear Friend,
Happiness Is Not Something That You Postpone To The Future.
It’s Something That You Design For The Present.
Make Each Moment A Happy One, And I Just Did It By Remembering You!

Happy Friendship Day! A Daily Thought,
A Silent Tear, A Constant Wish That
You Are Near.. Words Are Few
But Thoughts Are Deep Memories
Of Our Friendship I Will Always Keep!

Friendship Day SMS

Crazy Days And Screwed Up Nights,
Tons Of Crushes And Stupid Fights,
Secrets We Will Take To The
Grave, Pictures We Will Forever
Save, Through Thicks And Things,
Always True Happy Friendship Day.

I Believe In Angels,
The Kind That Heaven Sends.
I’M Surrounded By Angels But
I Call Them My Best Friends.

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Birth Is Parent’s Gift;
Education Is Teacher’s Gift;
Job Is Company’s Gift;
Wife Is Life’s Gift;
But Friends R God’s Gift!

Do U Ever Recall The First Day
We Met? R First Hello? The Day
We Became Friends? Well, I Do
And I Will Always Remember.
For That Very Day, I Knew I’d
Cherish U. Happy Friendship Day.

I Treasure Every Moment, I Spend
With U & Feel Lost Every Moment,
I Have To Spend Away From U,
Here’s Wishing Us Many More Years
Of R Sweet Togetherness,
Please B Beside Me For The Rest
Of My Life Happy Friendship Day.

Every Garden Must Have A Rose,
Every Sweet Face Must Have A Smile,
Every Grass Must Have Some Dew &
Every Person In The World Must Have A Friend Like “You”.
Happy Friendship Day!

When A Rose Withers, Its Value Fades
Away, When A Candle Is Lit, It
Melts Away And Its Fire Dies, But
The Friendship You Have Shown
Me Is Like Fire That Burns In My
Heart Eternally Happy Friendship Day.

Walking With Me In My Lowest Of
Times Has Proved You To Be A True
Friend, You Have Been There When
I Needed You Most, It Is My
Obligation To Pay Back By Being
The Companion That You Will
Ever Need. Happy Friendship Day.

6 Rules To Be Happy: Free Ur Heart From Hatred,
Free Ur Mind From Worries; Live Simply; Expect Less,
Give More & Always Have Me As Ur Friend

Never Try To Test Friendship..
Becoz Friends Are Like
Diamonds.. When U Hit Them
They Don’t Break.. But
May Slip Away From Ur Life..!

Dear You Have Been A Great Friend
Who Stood By Me In All Times Be
It Good Times Or Bad Times. I Am
Very Fortunate To Have Such A
Best Beautiful Person Like You
As My Friend Happy Friendship Day.

Time & Distance Are Important
Between Friends. When A Friend
Is In Ur Heart, They Remain
There Forever. I May Be Busy,
But I Assure U, U Are Always In
My Heart Happy Friendship Day.

I Like D World Because U Live
Here. I Like D Wind Because It
Touches U. I Like The Sun
Because It Shines On U. I Love
God Because, He Made U As My Sweet
Friend. Happy Friendship Day.

You Have Always Been There For Me, The
Wonderful Moment We Have Spent Together,
Sharing Each Others Joys And Sorrows
Thanks For Spreading Smiles Everywhere
& Making My Life So Beautiful, Meaningful
And Happy.. Wish You Happy Friendship Day.

How do you show your friendship? Let us know in the comments section? Happy friendship day.

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